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Available at our Cape Coral location

Group Workout Classes

Class based fitness has been proven as a great way to stay consistent in your fitness journey. Join a community of people just like you, working every day to be better.

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Bootcamp + HIIT + CrossTraining = RESULTS.
Hammertime is everything you want from group fitness. We will switch things up to keep you from getting bored while pushing you out of your comfort zone (in a good way!).

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Designed for the aspiring athletes ages 10 and up. This class will cover the basics of speed and agility training, weightlifting, and conditioning to help your young athlete improve, no matter what their sport may be.

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Low IMpact Training

Free to all members, including silver sneakers and renew active. Cardio and strength, lower impact yet highly effective. This class will keep you moving through full ranges of motion to help improve your strength, balance, and mobility.

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