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During his time in the Marine Corps, Armand found is love for CrossFit and competition. He began personal training while in college and never looked back. After earning his MA in Exercise Physiology, he made it his goal to open his own facility. His dream grew from training clients in the basement of their rental to a custom-built 12,000 square foot facility in Cedar Falls, Iowa (The Gym, CrossFit Kilo/XL Sports Acceleration). Armand has dedicated his career to training humans to be stronger, both mentally and physically, as well as develop coaches and trainers to be among the best in the industry. He found his love for business and expanded his vision outside of Iowa and has much to offer the people of SWFL. If you are ready to find your best self and stop with all of the excuses, contact Armand.

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A former Division I track athlete, Sarah found her love for training upon meeting Armand. After battling an eating disorder and losing her love for the sport, she had to learn what it really meant to be fit and lead a healthy life. She developed her nutrition program based on her own experience, struggles, and successes and has been able to help so many people with nutritional struggles of their own. She learned to appreciate her body for what it could do and how strong it could be rather than how it looked and loves to teach others the same. Sarah believes that health and fitness goals are ever-changing, and by practicing all of the seemingly small habits day in and day out, we fall in love with the process rather than the final result.


The first time we stepped foot into Hammerhead Beach Gym on Fort Myers Beach, we fell in love. The location, the vibe…it was all so cool! We hoped that one day we could call it ours, so when the opportunity arose, we were all in. Starting June 1, 2021, we worked to keep the old school feel that we loved so much, yet give Hammerhead a fresh start. On September 28, 2022, it came to an abrupt halt. Hurricane Ian left us heartbroken and in shock. Our hearts are with all of our members and fellow business owners who have also lost so much. Hammerhead will continue to grow and hopefully have a presence on Fort Myers Beach again one day!

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Josie is a certified CrossFit Level 1 Trainer with a remarkable journey that seamlessly blends athleticism, dedication, and a profound commitment to mental well-being.In Josie’s formative years, the stage and track were her arenas. With a background in ballet and a history as a track runner, Josie developed a foundation rooted in discipline and dedication. These early experiences laid the groundwork for a lifelong passion for movement and physical expression. Embarking on a weightlifting journey four years ago, Josie discovered the transformative power of strength training. As barbells became an extension of her determination, the gym evolved into a sanctuary where physical and mental boundaries were pushed. Approximately five months ago, Josie found her true fitness calling in CrossFit. The functional and varied nature of CrossFit resonated deeply, providing the perfect avenue to pair her diverse athletic background with a new and exciting challenge. Beyond the barbells and WODs, Josie shares a deeply personal connection with the fitness realm. Struggling with mental health and body dysmorphia, she discovered a profound sense of purpose in helping others navigate similar challenges.

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