March 4, 2024

Blog - One

You were blessed to be on Earth one time. You have one opportunity at life. During that one opportunity you get to create memories, relationships, and leave legacies. One time! Forever, we as humans will be our own road block. We are responsible to knock down those road blocks and be more like the human we were put on Earth to be. More is hard, more is uneasy, being more means uncomfortable work. We are here ONE time.All of us have had our “Hard”. A hard life and a terrible experience is inevitable and unique. Your roadblock or tough spot is not the same as everyone else’s. We are all different, that’s our maker’s intention. We all get to the end of the road in a very different way. We all need to make our ONE trip to earth something that everyone would be proud of. Do the things that create great memories, loving relationships, and leave a great legacy. Don’t judge other people’s hard. In the end, the only things that really matter are how we treated others through their hard and our own.I’ve had the unfortunate opportunity of watching my great friend deal with his worst life experience recently. Seeing Bob the first time was heartbreaking and gut wrenching, but watching his on-going recovery this month was incredible. From not being able to hold anything or support his body weight to being able to get out of a car to give me a hug. He said to me one night “I don’t want to do any of this shit (therapy), but I fucking have too, and if I want to be the tough fucker everyone thinks I am then I have to do this shit when nobody is looking.” He is right. Do the hardest things when nobody is looking. That’s what makes your ONE life successful.If you remember ONE thing, remember this…If you want to be great at anything (sport, your job, parenting, being married, saving money, fitness….the list goes on) do the things you don’t feel like doing when no one is around and the only person you have to talk to is yourself. Tell the weak version of you to step aside so that you can get busy and get shit done. Just because no one is looking or saying something to hold you accountable, doesn’t mean that your actions don’t matter!

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